work experience

Sandbox Northeastern:

Developer on GraduateNU.

Fall 2019 – Present.

Sandbox is Northeastern’s student led software consultancy. Our mission is to make an impact through the projects we take on for our community. Through Sandbox I have gained exposure to new technologies and methodologies of software development as well as getting to meet some really smart people.

During my time in Sandbox, I have been working on a small team developing, maintaining, and improving GraduateNU – a web app designed to help students better plan their academic plan of study at Northeastern. Our app allows students to create schedules for different majors and experiment with the best way to fulfill all of their major requirements.

While working on GraduateNU I have been learning React and Ruby on Rails which I have found to be very powerful. Specifically with Rails, I helped build our backend API for saving, editing, or deleting plans of study. All in all I have found this experience to teach me a lot and I hope people will find this resource valuable in the future!

Flagship Labs 63, Inc. – Flagship Pioneering:

Computational Scientist / Data Analyst.

Fall 2019.

For my first co-op at Northeastern University, I worked as a data analyst for an 8 person biotech startup over in Cambridge, MA. Working in a collaborative environment, our team investigated RNA therapeutics and focused on generating novel proof of concept to help pave the way towards new and interesting ways to fight disease and better understand small molecular biology.

During my time at Flagship Labs 63, Inc. I took on a variety of data science or bioinformatic investigations. I efficiently leveraged large genomic data sets to highlight patterns and pick out key targets for wetlab experimentation. Through this co-op I used Amazon Web Services and Github daily and gained expert level Python skills. I also learned a lot about industry standard data science practices, like data sourcing, cleaning, validating, and clustering. Additionally, I utilized machine learning principles to build classification models for our company’s specific area of research. Further, I gained exposure to useful data visualization standards and feel I have truly learned to tell stories through data. Lastly, I used my extra time with the company to build a MySQL database to store experimental data and begin to define the companies internal information architecture.

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History:

Camp Counselor and Groundskeeper. 


During my summers with family on Cape Cod, I have always made time to visit and work at the museum. I started volunteering at the CCMNH in 2014 as a groundskeeper and laborer. However, as I have spent more and more time volunteering, I was able to start making meaningful decisions about the appearance of the museum and take part in larger projects. Throughout my association with CCMNH I have accumulated over 250 hours of community service.

Getting to spend my summers outdoors on the museum’s beautifully diverse property, I truly started to appreciate the natural world around me. Even more so than being able to experience and learn about nature, I particularly enjoyed getting to interact with guests and share my passions of nature, biology, and conservationism with them.

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