Northeastern Tutoring:  

As a part of my time at Northeastern, I have worked with the Khoury College of Computer and Information Science as a tutor/TA for the Data Science 2000 course. Primarily, the class was an introductory Python class which solved various data driven problems.

During the last three semesters, I held office hours where students could come and freely ask questions, worked each week with the students in lab, had meetings with professors and staff, and helped grade final projects. Having never taking the course before, I leaned heavily on my previous Python knowledge from high school as well as my ability to adapt and learn quickly. I was fortunate to get to take on very interesting data science challenges and then apply my knowledge in the context of teaching to further solidify more complex concepts.

This work has certainly given me the opportunity to bolster my computer science education here at Northeastern while also allowing me to meet new and interesting people. Throughout this experience I have worked directly under professors Ben Hescott and Nate Derbinsky.

Private Tutoring:

During my second year at Northeastern I began privately tutoring students in lower level CS classes. After a professor’s recommendation, I had multiple students who needed tutoring reach out to me. I enjoy this work because it allows me to take a step back during my education and focus on more basic concepts. Doing this has made me realize how far I’ve come since beginning my CS journey and also allowed me to revisit old but difficult challenges and make connections I didn’t previously while taking the course.

For CS or Math help, please reach out via email!


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