Java – Java is the object oriented language I am most proficient with. I now have 5+ years of experience with the language. From APCS, Data Structures, and App Development in highschool to Object Oriented Design and Algorithms here at Northeastern, I have a long history of academic java experience. Additionally, I have also used the language for various side projects and hackathon submissions during my programming journey.

Python – Python was my first programming language as I first picked it up in 2015. I learned the language while taking an intro to CS class in high school. Since then, I have helped teach the language as a TA for DS2000 for the past 3 semesters. Most importantly, I used Python daily on my first co-op at Flagship Labs, 63 Inc. I wrote efficient scripting code to ask interesting questions about our biological data sets. Through this, I have extensively used all the following technologies:

  • Pandas and NumPy for efficient and  large-scale data management.
  • Matplotlib and Seaborn for data visualization.
  • Scikit-learn for machine learning applications.
  • Beautifulsoup for web scraping.
  • Biopython for bioinformatics and sequence handling.
  • Jupyter Notebook

SQL – Through CS3200 at Northeastern University, I gained exposure to SQL and the importance of Database Management Systems. Throughout the course I gained hands on experience with MySQL. I also briefly used MySQL during my co-op at Flagship labs 63, Inc. Further, back in high school, I used SQLite to store audio files for a voice memo Android app I was developing.

Lisp – While at Northeastern, I was first introduced to functional programming through a language called Racket. Later on, I learned the more general lisp language and used it to reason about programs in Logic and Computation.

Typescript – As a part of the GraduateNU project I have been working on through Northeastern Sandbox, I have recently gained exposure to a typescript code base. I am still very much in the learning phase of this language but have really enjoyed learning more about Typescript, React, and Redux.

Other – Even beyond the languages listed above, I am always seeking opportunities to learn new languages and gain exposure to new technologies. I see myself as a lifelong learner. With six plus years of programming experience, I am confident in my abilities to quickly pick up new programming techniques.



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